Generating resource-constrained non-delay project schedules using simulation

Whenever we use project scheduling software, such as Microsoft Project, to level resources in a schedule, we get a single solution.  However, being presented with just one resource leveling solution can be misleading.  For any unleveled project schedule, there is an infinite number of resource-feasible schedules.  Generally, we try to limit the set of solutions and then search for an optimal schedule.  Usually, we search for a schedule that has the shortest project duration after resource leveling.    In this article, rather than search for an optimal resource-feasible schedule, we will explore the use of simulation as a means of identifying and describing a subset of resource-feasible schedules.  Once we can visualize a set of resource-feasible schedules, we can better assess the solution that is produced by the scheduling software.   Continue reading “Generating resource-constrained non-delay project schedules using simulation”